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Customize!! Any color. Any size. Any dimension. Any material.

No more, "I love it, but..." No more, "I love that piece of art, but it's too big." "I love it, but it's not the right color." "I love it, but it's not the right dimension." "I love it, but it's too shiny." Either from my collection or yours, I can artify any image to match/fit perfectly to your uniquely sized and uniquely colored space. As demonstrated in the graphic-sentence above, any image can be custom manipulated to any color-scheme, emboldened or faded to any color-saturation, expanded or shrunk to any physical measurements, stretched or pulled to square-up to any space's particular dimension (If your wall-space is a square, then the art that goes there should also be a square.), and be printed onto any material such as fabric, canvas, metal, watercolor paper, photo paper, wall paper, floor laminates, whatever!  My favorite look is to print onto synthetic polyester fabric and back it with a hard, unpuncturable substrate like a wood panel. (For a number of reasons, I think a stretched canvas in lame.) A print onto fabric is highly scratch-resistant, and also, with its inherent matte finish, it can be truly seen from any angle in the room illuminated by any given angled light-source (unlike images covered with gloss or glass which produce obfuscating light-glares). No wires on back. All pieces are triangle-mounted from both corners for an always-straight and flush presentation. No having to level it out again after an earthquake or if someone blows on it. 😉

$98 per square foot for big canvases (bigger than 15 square feet), or $0.68 per square inch.

$108 per square foot for small canvases (smaller than 15 square feet), or $0.75 per square inch.

10% discount for orders over $3,000.

$100 order minimum.

If you are interested in beautifying your space with some custom stuff, give me a buzzPixelationsArt@gmail.com

P.S. If you have your own images, yes, I can artify those too.

Solutions-Oriented Sam Rabourn 🐈

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